Shabda Media started as a list of presentations in response for people wanting to “see” things as pictures, rather than reading them as text. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Some of the ideas that are discussed in the Books and Blogs evidently benefit from visual material.

Over time, we found another group of people who were more interested in “listening” rather than “reading” or “viewing”. Certain kinds to topics that don’t require extensive visualization fit into this genre. This is also a mode in which people are now listening to books, blogs, and podcasts, and the medium continues to grow by leaps and bounds. We developed podcasts to meet this audience.

Then, there are people who like to read, listen, and see—all at the same time. For this audience, we have developed a series of videos entitled Scientific Foundations of the Semantic View. We plan to do more on this front over time. Finally, there are live recorded sessions of conversations and lectures.

The content on Shabda Media is not different from that available through Books, Blogs, or Forums. The difference is only that the content is pictures, audio, and video, rather than text.

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